John Moore, MBA, MSISA
Shamanic Practitioner, Healer, And Coach


get in touch with your inner power

Whether for healing or for creating a more satisfying life, I work by forming a healing and supportive relationship with you. I am excited to share the practice of core shamanism with you to bring about a deeper connection with your own spirit.

John's History

Born and raised in Maine, John faced many adversities growing up. Early on, John took to martial arts to help overcome physical limitations from numerous birth defects. He managed to overcome and achieve a 3rd degree black belt in ketsugo jujutsu. 

A lifetime spiritual seeker, John has practiced many spiritual and healing modalities including Tantric Buddhism, reiki, mindfulness meditation, and Qigong.

In his 40's, after suffering for decades, John sought help and was diagnosed with PTSD. Told by doctors and therapists that there was no cure, John was told that his only hope was to try to manage his symptoms with medication.

John refused to accept that, and sought to heal himself. Finding a home with shamanism, John embarked on numerous shamanic trainings, including a year-long apprenticeship and special training in soul retrieval. John has been symptom free for years now. 

Along the way, many people have come to John for healing, divination, and soul retrieval work. John especially loves to help those with adverse childhhod experiences and trauma experience a new sense of wholeness and power.