Shamanic Healing For Trauma 


How shamans See trauma

From the shamanic perspective, trauma, any event which is shocking, overwhelming, or frightening, can cause a a part of your soul to flee to seek safety. This is an adaptive, protective mechanism.

Modern psychology refers to this as dissociation. Some times, those parts get stuck or don't feel safe enough to come back. Shamanic healers refer to this as soul loss.

Soul loss can happen during a violent event, including surgery. Childhood abuse, shock, or grief often cause soul-loss. Emotional and psychological abuse can case a slow loss of soul essence.

Symptoms of soul loss

Depression is usually a tell-tale sign of soul-loss. Symptoms of soul loss might include  emotional flat-lining, difficulty making decisions, a feeling of fragmentation, fatigue. Soul loss can lead to suicidal thoughts, addiction, or the inability to feel love.

A shamanic practitioner will use something called a diagnostic journey to determine if soul loss is a cause of the presenting issue.

Soul Retrieval

Throughout the ages, and across cultures, shamans have practiced variations of a ceremony called soul retrieval to help people and animals heal from the effects of trauma.

This is a simple, but profoundly effective ceremony where the healer works with his or her helping spirits to return one or more soul essences to the client.