Learn Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying

I love sharing the spiritual gifts of the shaman. The practice of journeying is available to anyone. I've never met anyone who has been unsuccessful at shamanic journeying. 

If you have a studio, school, or facility and would like to talk to me about offering a class in your space, contact me.


Introduction to Shamanism & The Shamanic Journey

In this class you will learn the core practices of shamanism, including journeying, divination, and power animal retrieval. You will journey to meet your helping spirits and get a deep understanding of the spirit world.


Advanced topics in shamanism

From time to time, I may be called to teach expanded topics in shamanism such as past life or shadow work. blessing and clearing, or daily spiritual practice.

If you have a space, school, or group and would like to custom design a class with me, feel free to contact me.