Recommended Shamanic Practitioners

Finding the "right fit" with a shamanic practitioner is as important as finding the right therapist or doctor. An ethical healer will not hesitate to refer a client to another practitioner if the client would be better served.

Here's a short list of shamanic healers I have worked with and recommend. Please contact them directly with any questions or to book an appointment.


Dory Cote

Dory is my main teacher and one of the busiest shamanic practitioners around. There's a reason for her global reputation. I can't recommend her highly enough to those seeking out healing.


Tina D'Amore

I met Tina decades ago when we went to the same college in Boston. Years later we became acquainted during some advanced training in Shamanism. Tina has done healing for me, and we have taught together. She's an extremely gifted healer. I would recommend Tina to anyone seeking shamanic healing, but particularly those seeking healing for animals, or those with Lyme disease.


Jessica Verrill

I have known Jess for just a short time, but I know her to be a natural healer. She's a licensed massage therapist, as well as being a shamanic practitioner and skilled in other modalities. I am happy to recommend her as well.