How can shamanic healing help?

As a shamanic practitioner, student of shamanism, and recipient of healing, I have witnessed miraculous results from healing sessions. My own healing journey brought me to the path of shamanism - and made me want to share this powerful set of tools with others.

You probably know that shamanic practitioners are spiritual healers. In that way, they address the spiritual origins of dis-ease. But how does shamanic healing help?

You have a body, mind, and spirit.

From the viewpoint of the shaman, you are a spirit. You have am unchanging core, spiritual self. Beyond that, you have a body, mind, and soul while you are incarnated on this Earth.

Disease can originate and be reflected in any and all levels of a person. Think about the last time you had the flu. Your body probably felt terrible, your mind may have experienced fatigue or the urge to isolate, or a lack of motivation. What you might not have seen, is the effect on your energetic or spiritual sides.

In a shamanic healing, a practitioner will do a diagnostic journey for you. This is to ascertain the origin of your malady, but also if there are spiritual remedies that may help. A shamanic healer may use a number of tools or ceremonies to address the spiritual aspect.

You may experience a soul retrieval - a ceremony which returns lost soul essence. Or you may need a shamanic extraction - which moves intrusive energy from your etheric field. You might receive a power animal retrieval - which introduces you to the spirit helper who will help restore your power. These are just a few of the tools available to a practitioner.

Often, shamanic healing works to clear spiritual blockages opening you to your full ability to heal yourself. Sometimes, a shamanic healer may have to work with you to clear old psycho-spiritual wound energy or even a suffering deceased spirit that may be clinging to you.